Happy 40th Birthday Christi!

One of my very best friends turned 40 last Saturday. FORTY. I know, she definitely doesn’t look (or act) her age… It’s because I (31 years old) keep her young. I like to remind her that I was born in the 80’s every chance I get. She’s currently shaking her head in agreement.

She keeps saying that I was more excited than she about this milestone birthday. That may or may not be true. Here’s why:

Official Song: It’s My Birthday

Official Mascot: Pine Cone

Official Hashtag: #ChrisTurnz40

Official Cocktail: Pink Panty Pulldown

Official Pose: Hand Stand

Official Literature: Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses [.org]

Official Shot: Baby Guinness

Official Butler: TV or TeeVee [like ‘television’]

Official Transportation: Cowfish Bus

Official Overused Phrase: “how about we go to brandys” “wanna go to brandys?” “lets stop by brandys” “brandy, can we go to your house?”

Official End Time: 3:30am

Official Photographer: The PhotoBooth

Happy Birthday Christi DeWaele. You’ve done a hell of job with your first 40 years… I dare you to make the next 40 even better. Enjoy the memories lady…





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