Melissa and Dan Married in St. Maarten

Here are the long-awaited photos from Melissa and Dan’s wonderful destination wedding in St. Maarten. If you saw their Photo Booth post a while back you know that these two are a ton of fun and have a supporting cast of characters that are an absolute blast to be around. Destination wedding photography can be stressful but that was so far from the case with these two. Melissa, Dan and their family and friends made it easy for us to feel right at home which in turn helps us get great photos. Shooting this wedding was a real privilege and looking back through these photos brings back a lot of fun memories for us so I hope it does the same for all of the great family and friends we met during our time in St. Maarten. Congratulations again to M&D and just let us know when the reunion party is!  Here are a few our favorites from our time in St. Maarten with Melissa and Dan. -mn&bn  P.S. If you’re wondering where that infamous reception Harlem Shake video is, stay tuned tomorrow and be prepared to smile, laugh, and say “ahhh I wanna go back!”

Melissa and Dan Married in St. Maarten from Michael Newton on Vimeo.

MelissaandDanPost10MelissaandDanPostMelissaandDanPost2 MelissaandDanPost3 MelissaandDanPost4 MelissaandDanPost5 MelissaandDanPost6 MelissaandDanPost7 MelissaandDanPost8 MelissaandDanPost9


Check back tomorrow for their Harlem Shake video!


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