the Carr family

You never know what you’re going to get with kids when you point a camera their way. Of course photographing kids takes a ton of patience but even more so you simply have to love watching kids have fun. Kids just aren’t programmed to sit still. Posing and saying cheese isn’t any fun! We can jump up and down and make all the silly faces in the world but the smart ones see right through that stuff. Sometimes they just need someone to go crazy with them and forget about everything NOT FUN! On this day I think we all had a little fun as we ran, jumped, rolled, climbed, cried, and finally splashed! These two saw right through the silly faces. They had their eye on the fountain the entire time and planned it just right so it was the only logical option to finish this session. I really had a blast with this family and I think we got great shots of these awesome kids being just that-AWESOME KIDS!

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