Our Little Amos

Our little man turned 1 today and of course it went by way too fast. The pregnancy was tough followed by the brutal first 6 weeks of life. Poor guy had a hard time adjusting to life outside the womb. All of it, every last bit, was totally completely 110% worth it. I know this is my last time for all the “firsts” so every milestone is extra special with him. I want to hold on to every last drop of baby – gummy smiles, rocking to sleep, bottle time… the list goes on. Amos lights up my life and will no doubt have that youngest child/last born syndrome because I’m going to spoil him rotten! And besides, FINALLY after 3 children, I get one that looks JUST LIKE ME!

To my chicken nugget – Mama adores your sweet little face and soggy open mouth kisses. I wouldn’t trade them for the world. I heart you.  -bn


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