**Drew & Laura’s Engagement Session**

If you can’t view the flash video try the YouTube version here


It’s more than just pics!

The engagement session is more than just part of the wedding checklist.  Yeah maybe it takes care of your save the date or a new Facebook profile pic, but the engagement session is worth so much more.  The engagement session is also about the experience.  Of course you’ll remember you’re wedding day but you also remember the whole experience of planning your wedding and the engagement session is such a fun part of that.  I gladly took a day to drive up to Winston and hang out with Drew and Laura to capture their engagement experience.  These guys are so much fun  and I really wish I would’ve recorded audio during our time together.  I had a blast and I hope they did as well.  There’s something fun about pretending to be a model for the day, and once you’re comfortable with your photographer the pics start flowing.  It’s just you and your groom/bride-to-be goofing around and trying your best to act natural.  At first it’s a little awkward but the point is to “capture you,” so eventually you loosen up and start having fun.  I love every type of session I photograph but the engagement is all about the beginning which is super special.  I get excited when I hear Laura talk about photographing their future children and we’re just at the engagement stage.  Now Drew probably gets a little nervous hearing that, but for me, the thought of documenting people lives as they live, grow, and love together is a true blessing.

Drew and Laura are good friends of ours and we’re photographing their wedding in October.  Their location is amazing and will make for an unbelievable experience, not to mention awesome photographs.  The wedding party and guests will be fun to say the least so  I can’t wait for their big day.  Congratulations to you both and thank you for the great opportunity of documenting this precious time in your lives.



4 thoughts on “**Drew & Laura’s Engagement Session**

  1. Laura Gattis says:

    Thanks so much! We are so happy with the pictures, you have such a unique style… perfect for what we wanted! Enjoyed spending the day with you, you made it very easy to take pictures for two straight hours!

    Thanks Again! *Laura & Drew

  2. Susan Gable says:

    Beautiful! This vid actually made me tear up. Michael, wonderful work! Wow, what a special way to commerate the occasion.

    Laura and Drew, I wish you many, many years of happiness ahead.

  3. JoAnn Ross says:

    Awww. That is too, too romantic! Beautiful video, lovely couple.

    Wishing you both a lifetime of much love and happiness together, Laura and Drew! Everything about you just says “forever.”

  4. Debbie Williams says:

    Love the video & photos….. look forward to the wedding!

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