* a lucky dad *

It’s amazing how a series of photographs can tell such a vivid story.  Each photo sparks a memory.  A feeling, a sight, sound or smell. Maybe it’s a detail that we never even saw before.  I thought it would be nice to give a little glimpse into our story from the past few weeks.  The ride to the hospital, the long wait for Amos, the blurry hospital stay with our little man, surprisingly good hospital chicken tenders, and of course the kids just enjoying having mommy home all day.  The past 3 weeks have been great.  I’m lucky to have such a great wife and we’re truly blessed to have 3 awesome kids.  With things getting busy I just want to say thanks to everyone for giving me the opportunity to come into their home and lives to tell a little piece of their story with a camera.  Thanks for checking us out and stay tuned for upcoming posts of other awesome families from the weekend.

Can’t see the video. View the youtube version here
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2 thoughts on “* a lucky dad *

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  2. Susan McDowell says:

    You and your family are soo blessed. Beautiful children, home, and marriage. People dream for that kind of life.

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