**good friends, lots of babies, and burnt chicken**

Over the weekend a few very dear friends gave us a semi-surprise “diap & wipe” party. The four of us guys grew up in the same town, shared an apartment for 4 years in college and now we’re raising kids together. All of these guys (and their wives) are very special to me. I’m so lucky to have such a close group of friends to share all of life’s milestones.

As a photographer, being able to document my friend’s kids as they grow is very rewarding. I had the pleasure of photographing Lex (son of Gerald and Tiffanni Speight) as a newborn and then again for the holidays. Another friend of our group was a little envious and requested an impromptu mini session – at 9 PM with just one speedlight to bounce some light. I typically shoot outside with natural light but I thought these came out pretty good.

This beautiful little girl’s name is Layton (daughter of Jason and Nicole Goodwin).  She’s ten months old and so full of life.  Her personality is really starting to develop and capturing that cute little grin and giggle is priceless.

Oh and did I mention how serious Nicole was about these photos? It included a last minute trip to Wal-Mart for black tights and a phone call to request stealing “our baby shower night” to photograph little Layton Mae.  I’m glad you did, Thanks for everything guys.

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